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Isolation Ideas this Easter Long Weekend


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10 April 2020

Isolation Ideas this Easter Long Weekend

This Easter is different. 

Sure it's a long weekend and you had plans to get out of town, but while we're all hunkering down to help put a lid on Coronavirus, we might as well make the most of this cracking gardening weather. Here's our top tips for time in and on your garden in isolation this Easter. 

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Backyard Camping

Remove the drama of packing and travel by throwing up a tent on your lawn and enjoy a night of family fun under the stars. It'll keep the kids occupied for at least a night and means a functioning loo is always within walking distance. We can't vouch for the loo roll though. 

Other advantages include no planning, no packing and unpack the car, and no traffic! 
Be creative with activities to keep the kids occupied like nature rubbings, identifying constellations, scavenger hunts, outdoor games like duck duck goose (or bunny) and even making a small and supervised makeshift campfire out of your fire pit to roast some marshmallows.

Prep the Lawn for Winter

Autumn fertilising prepares your lawn for the winter months. It encourages prolonged growth to ensure a thick coverage and extended colour. This application will be the most important for the year and will help prevent weeds from taking hold while your lawns growth slows in the cooler months. 

A healthy lawn heading into winter will ensure it's better prepared for the cold and make for a quicker spring recovery. Check-out our blog here on Autumn Lawn Care for all the details.

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