25kg bags

EKOTE SPORT & GREEN MINI HI K (12-4-19) 2-3 month

Ekote Sport & Green Mini Hi K is a specialised, controlled release fertiliser high in potassium with added magnesium. The nitrogen is released in a controlled manner over a period of 2-3 months reducing leaching risk and improving nutrient use efficiency. The high potassium formulation with additional magnesium stimulates photosynthesis and promotes bright green playing surfaces. Potassium also aids in disease resistance and assists quicker turf repair from high traffic use. High phosphorus increases energy production in the plant and encourages new root development, ideal after renovations. 

  • High potassium aids in disease resistance and turf repair.
  • Made in Holland. Patented, state of the art production.
  • Mini size 1.8mm granule perfect for low cut tees, greens, tennis courts and high profile areas.
  • Added magnesium produces excellent colour. 


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