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5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts


Baileys Fertiliser


15 December 2022

It's that week before Christmas. The kids are home from school, neighbours and friends are stopping by with little gifts and there's NO WAY you are heading into the shops!

We've reached out to our Perth Gardening friends for some inspiration on last-minute Christmas gifts you can get straight from your garden. 

1.     Herb Bouquet

'If you are running out the door to yet another Christmas dinner and have the horrific realisation that you are going to arrive empty handed- never fear!  Head out to your garden and pop this sweet gift together in a matter of minutes.

 What you need:

  •  Jars
  • String or ribbon
  • Card, pen & scissors for labelling
  • Assorted herbs from your garden

Assemble herbs from your garden into a generous bunch, include flowers if you have any! I have kept it beautifully simple with Bay leaf, Rosemary, Basil & Tarragon. I find that lemon foliage is a gorgeously ornamental addition too. It's a gift that keeps on giving! Your recipient will enjoy this bouquet on their kitchen bench for up to two weeks (even longer if kept in the fridge), and it will come in gloriously handy at this time of year. Every special Christmas meal will have that extra touch of magic- a sprinkling of fresh herbs from your bouquet before serving.'

 Credit: Nikki from @thegardenshed_atelier_

2.     Potted Candles

'These little potted herbs not only make a beautiful gift but they also double as stunning table decor. Separate small divisions from whatever clumping plants you have in abundance and pot into old pots or any vessel you have around the house. Water in and then pop a tall pillar candle in the centre. Finish off with a bow.

What you need:

 I had a heap of mint, thyme and native violet sprawling throughout the garden. Other plants that could work well here include oregano, chives, parsley, cress or prostrate rosemary. You could even use ornamental plants with a prostrate habit- like silver dichondra or flat mat jasmine.

When the candle is lit, the essential oils from your herbs are released, which is sure to make your home smell amazing.'

 Credit: Nikki from @thegardenshed_atelier_

3.     Seeds

'I've collected a lot of everlasting seeds and a few other self-seeded garden flowers from my garden.  I'm going to package them up as gifts.  I've just found these cute origami seed packets, so I'll give that a go.'

Credit: Ange from @splendour.inthe.garden

4.     Propagate a Plant into a Recycled Pot

'I always have pots on hand, you don't need to go out and buy new ones.  You can reuse ones you have bought plants in, or pick up second hand from tip-shop, buy nothing page or find on verge collection.  It's good to reuse and recycle where you can .

 I tend to have a little supply of cuttings of sweet potato, pepino and elderflower on the go ready for last minute gifts.  You can decorate the pot with twine and dehydrated lemon slices with a handwritten label.'

 Credit: Nadine from @nadsthriftypatch

5.     Indoor Plant Arrangement

'Who said Christmas table centrepieces had to be traditional?  Mix it up & bring the wow factor with indoor plants. Swap traditional flower arrangements with a beautiful vase arrangement of indoor plants in water. 

 What you need:   

  • Indoor plants
  • Vase

Select three suitable indoor plants (Devils' Ivy, Peace Lily & Syngonium, Heart Leaf Philodendron or Monstera are all well suited) wash all the soil from their roots (this is really important). 

Once the roots are clean, add the plants to a vase and fill with water until the roots are just covered (no stems in the water).  Depending on the size of your vase, you could combine several plants together for a stunning arrangement or have a single plant per vase.  Add to your Christmas table and get your guests talking!'

Credit: Alannah from @coastaledenperth

A simple gift from the garden is always welcome and means a little more because of the effort and love to grow it.

 We'd like to say a big thanks to the Nikki, Ange, Nadine and Alannah for taking the time to share their tips with us.

 Merry Xmas and Happy New Years from Baileys.