Stay Waterwise WA

Taking small steps in the garden when we prepare and plant can lead to big water savings.

Make the most of every drop.

With the current pressure on WA's water resources it's important for us all to do our bit to reduce water use. Follow these key tips and you'll be well on your way to making the most of every drop.

Improve your soilTo increase the water holding capacity.

Getting your soil right is the key to healthy plant growth and the basis of a water-wise garden. You can improve your soil by adding organic matter from compost and manures and by added soil amendments such as zeolite and bentonite. Baileys Soil Improver Plus is a mature organic compost that will improve structure, water retention and nutrient efficiency. Improve soil when preparing garden beds, lawns and when planting into established beds. Simply follow the instructions on the bag.

keep the moisture in with mulchTo protect the fragile topsoil.

Exposing topsoil to the sun causes significant moisture loss through evaporation. This crucial thin layer of soil must be protected, maintained and nourished. A water-wise layer of organic mulch achieves this and helps to regulate soil temperature. Baileys Moisture Mulch will assist your garden through stressful summer months, reduce weeds and evaporation and also looks great.

use a quality wetting agentTo quickly combat water repellent soil.

Hydrophobic soils are a common condition in Australia where water doesn't penetrate the soil after rainfall or irrigation, causing run-off.  Garden beds, pots and hanging baskets are affected. In lawns, it is common to notice dry or dead patches, particularly in warmer months as a result. Rectify this by using a good quality wetting agent to break through the waxy hydrophobic layer. Baileys Grosorb is designed to assist water penetration, movement through the soil and soil re-wetting. 

Use Waterwise Approved Products

Together with Smart Approved WaterMark, Australia's water conservation label, the Water Corporation have developed the Waterwise Products Program. Look for the Waterwise and Smart WaterMark symbols on product packaging to help you save water. Baileys have a range of products accredited, your guarantee of independently tested to certify their water-saving qualities. These Products include:

  • Baileys Premium Potting Mix
  • Baileys Soil Improver Plus
  • Baileys Moisture Mulch
  • Baileys Grosorb Wetting Agent
  • Baileys Lawn Reviver
  • Baileys 3.1.1. Plus Lawn Food
  • Baileys Soil Matters Clay & Compost 

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Young Girl Holding A Watering Can In Home Garden

Waterwise Garden Designs 

For waterwise garden design inspiration, visit the Water Corporation websiteHere you can find designs and a full list of plant species for you to easily adapt for your own home.