Establishing a New Lawn

Preparation is Key

Spring or Autumn is the best time to establish a new lawn from turf or seed in WA. Before the lawn is down, set the foundation to correct nutrient deficiencies, ensure good drainage and significantly reduce future water and nutrient requirements. If your lawn struggles due to poor soil preparation, it's susceptible to pest and disease attacks. Poor drainage and aeration can lead to build-up of harmful fungal soil diseases and water repellency can lead to uneven water penetration and dry patch.

Test your Soil pH

Preplant is also the best time to conduct a pH test on your soil. Aiming for a pH between 6-7.5 will ensure optimal nutrient uptake and turf health. If either side of this, treat before laying, with soil amendments like lime and dolomite if acidic, and sulphur, iron chelate and organics if alkaline.

Turfect Starter

Baileys have developed TURFECT Starter, a breakthrough, biological lawn fertiliser, designed to create the optimal soil environment for fast, deep root growth and establishment of new lawns. This complete, 4-in-1 blend contains a fusion of organic and slow-release nutrients, beneficial biology, root and soil enhancers and wetting agent.Before broadcasting TURFECT Starter, add your organics and any required amendments to your pre-existing soil or sand to improve texture, cation exchange capacity (your soils ability to hold nutrients) water holding capacity and stimulate soil biology.

Watering and What to Do Next

Once down and during establishment, it's crucial a new lawn gets plenty of water, daily for the first two weeks. Aiming for 10-20mm per day. If you live in Western Australia, apply for a watering exemption from the day of planting. Keep an eye out for any sign of stress such as leaves changing colour, thinning or curling. Seed head is also a stress signal and usually indicates a feed or more water is in order. The slow-release fertilisers in TURFECT Starter feed your lawn for 6-8 weeks, after which time start to feed during the growing season (September-May) with a slow release granular fertiliser such as TURFECT Energy. 

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