Maintaining Your Lawn

Just like forming any good habit, routine is key and directly relates to the results you'll achieve when it comes to your lawn. To get the best lawn in the street, your maintenance program will need to vary depending on the time of the year, as the amount of sunlight, water and soil temperature will differ thorough the seasons.

Maintenance Program: Autumn



  • Autumn fertilising prepares your lawn for winter, encouraging prolonged growth and thick coverage. These applications are the most important for the year. Split at half rates over April & May for best results. Try new TURFECT Energy , this 3-in-1 fertiliser contains a fusion of fast and slow-release nutrients, soil improvers and bio-stimulants in the one, easy to apply mini granule.  
  • Foliar feeding is more environmentally friendly in the cool season, when less nitrogen is required and rain leads to run-off. Apply TURFECT Lawn Grow now every 4 weeks.


Mowing & Renovations

  • Last chance to top-dress if lawn is patchy after lots of summer wear. Use Baileys Lawn Reviver, a premium lawn soil for top dress or pre plant, designed to improve soil profile and boost turf growth. Contains red loam, Grosorb wetting agent, slow-release nitrogen and finely screened mature compost. Boosts growth, colour, soil fertility and water holding capacity. Use straight from the bag with no further additives required. 
  • Help your lawn adjust to the cooler temperatures and shorter days by increasing the height of your lawn mower.
  • Spring or Autumn is the best time to establish a new lawn from turf or seed in WA, read more - Establishing a New Lawn. 


Watering & Wetting Agents

  • Your lawn is likely in need of some TLC after a hot Aussie summer. Make the most of coming autumn rain with the last application of Grosorb for the season. Baileys Grosorb is available as a liquid or a mini prill granule and should be applied at a rate of 50g/m2 or 50ml/m2.