Maintaining Your Lawn

Just like forming any good habit, routine is key and directly relates to the results you'll achieve when it comes to your lawn. To get the best lawn in the street, your maintenance program will need to vary depending on the time of the year, as the amount of sunlight, water and soil temperature will differ thorough the seasons.

Maintenance Program: Spring



  • Start to feed your lawn with a slow release granular fertiliser when the season breaks (usually late September to early October), then every 6-8 weeks until May. Try new TURFECT Energy , this 3-in-1 fertiliser contains a fusion of fast and slow-release nutrients, soil improvers and bio-stimulants in the one, easy to apply mini granule.  
  • For a jump start you can also use a fast acting, high nitrogen product such as Baileys 3.1.1. Plus - this mini prill product has added wetting agent and contains all required turf nutrients. 
  • Applying bio stimulants like humic acid, fulvic acid, kelp and beneficial biology will supercharge root development, particularly important after laying a new lawn, renovations and leading into summer. Use TURFECT Humic - a highly concentrated humic acid soil conditioner and biological inoculant designed to enhance soil fertility and capacity to support healthy turf growth. 
  • For that professional finish and amazing colour, incorporate a foliar fertiliser into your maintenance routine between granular applications. Use TURFECT Rapid Green every 2-4 weeks.


Mowing & Renovations