Maintaining Your Lawn

Just like forming any good habit, routine is key and directly relates to the results you'll achieve when it comes to your lawn. To get the best lawn in the street, your maintenance program will need to vary depending on the time of the year, as the amount of sunlight, water and soil temperature will differ thorough the seasons.

Maintenance Program: Autumn



  • Autumn fertilising prepares your lawn for winter, encouraging prolonged growth and thick coverage. These applications are the most important for the year. Split at half rates over April & May for best results.


Mowing & Renovations

  • Last chance to top-dress if lawn is patchy after lots of summer wear. 
  • Help your lawn adjust to the cooler temperatures and shorter days by increasing the height of your lawn mower.


Watering & Wetting Agents

  • Your lawn is likely in need of some TLC after a hot Aussie summer. Make the most of coming autumn rain with the last application of Grosorb for the season.