Maintaining Your Lawn

Just like forming any good habit, routine is key and directly relates to the results you'll achieve when it comes to your lawn. To get the best lawn in the street, your maintenance program will need to vary depending on the time of the year, as the amount of sunlight, water and soil temperature will differ thorough the seasons.

Maintenance Program: Summer



  • Avoid fertilising in the heat of the day & water in after application. Growth is in full swing, use slow release TURFECT Energy to avoid surge growth. This fusion fertiliser contains both fast acting and organic nutrition.
  • If the lawn needs a quick green up in time for Christmas, TURFECT Green saves the day.
  • TURFECT Repair reduces summer stress. The high potassium analysis improves water translocation around the plant.


Mowing & Renovations

  • Mow lawns more regularly and higher to conserve moisture. Ensure mower blades are sharp for a clean cut, this reduces damage to the leaf and moisture loss.


Watering & Wetting Agents

  • Baileys Grosorb, available in either a granular or liquid form, provides superior water penetration and correction of hydrophobic soils. Grosorb is a concentrated formulation that provides long-lasting results. Independently tested, Grosorb delivers exceptional water penetration and is a market leader in the commercial and domestic markets.
  • Soils will be their most hydrophobic in summer, reapply Grosorb. The use of Grosorb will make the most of the water you apply, ensuring it is absorbed and not lost to the environment through evaporation and run-off.
  • Water restrictions mean twice a week irrigation unless you're lucky enough to have a bore. On those scorching days, give the lawn a hose if you can.

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