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How to grow Dragon Fruit in Perth


Baileys Fertiliser


15 December 2022

Dragon fruit is a climbing cactus vine suited subtropical or warm temperate frost-free climates.

The red spiked skin of this tropical fruit is merely decorative, but you can eat the sweet tasting flesh and seeds in Acai bowls or fruit salads. Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin C and carotene, making it a healthy treat.

Where to grow Dragon Fruit

Position in full sun protected from strong winds. Dragon fruit grows best in a free draining soil, if growing in pots or tubs, choose Baileys Premium Potting mix. If you are planting in the garden then amend the soil with generous quantities of Baileys Clay & Compost (for sandy soils) or Soil Improver Plus.

Growing Dragon Fruit from Cuttings

Cut a 30-50 cm segment from a healthy plant. Leave the cutting to air-dry for seven days. Do not put it in water or water it at all during that time.

Pot up in Baileys Premium Potting mix and water in well. Position in a cool, dry spot out of direct sunlight and lightly water once a week. After 4-6 weeks roots will form. Plant out in the garden or in a pot when ready.

How to care for Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a climbing cactus so it will need support to grow. This can be as simple as a wooden stake or a rose hoop.

Feed with a complete fertiliser, such as Baileys Soil Matters Garden. This contains all essential macro and micro nutrients, and a biological coating which encourages strong root growth.

Prune the ends of each main stem once they reach the horizontal supports.

When to harvest Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is ready when it is bright red and shiny, approximately one month after flowering. Don't allow fruit to over-ripen, as this will spoil the taste.

Types of Dragon Fruit

  • Hylocereus Undatus (the classic pink dragon fruit)
  • Hylocereus Costaricensis (a red skin dragon fruit)
  • Hylocereus Megalanthus (a yellow skin dragon fruit)