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How to Grow Maidenhair Fern in Perth WA


Baileys Fertiliser


3 July 2023

Maidenhair Ferns are delicate and graceful ferns known for their distinctive fronds and airy appearance. They belong to the family Pteridaceae and are native to various regions around the world, including Australia.

Maidenhair Ferns are popular choices for indoor and outdoor gardens due to their aesthetic appeal. The fronds are typically composed of numerous small leaflets, giving them a feathery and lacy appearance.

Maidenhair Ferns are relatively sensitive plants, so they may require some trial and error to find the optimal conditions for growth in your specific location. With patience and proper care, you should be able to enjoy the beauty of these ferns in your indoor space.

Where to Grow Maidenhair Ferns

Find a location that receives bright, indirect light or filtered sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight as it can scorch the delicate fronds.

Maidenhair Fern thrive in mild to warm temperatures and high humidity. In Perth, you might need to provide additional humidity because the climate can be dry. You can increase humidity by placing the fern near a humidifier or by creating a pebble tray. Fill a tray with water and place pebbles in it, then set the fern pot on top of the pebbles. As the water evaporates, it will create a humid microclimate around the plant.

Maidenhair Ferns grow in a spreading or cascading manner, with their fronds arching gracefully. The fronds can reach lengths of up to 30-45 cm or even more, depending on the species. 

How to Plant Maidenhair Ferns

Choose a pot that has drainage holes at the bottom to allow excess water to escape. The pot should be slightly larger than the root ball of the fern to provide room for growth but not excessively large. A shallow pot is usually preferred as Maidenhair Ferns have relatively shallow root systems.

Maidenhair Ferns prefer a well-draining potting mix that retains moisture without becoming waterlogged. Use Baileys Indoor Premium Potting Mix, a quality growing media, specifically designed to reduce the stress of transplant, assist establishment and ensure vigorous and healthy growth for indoor plants. This lightweight mix has optimal water holding capacity, air filled porosity and drainage.

Place a layer of small rocks or broken pottery pieces at the bottom of the pot. This helps facilitate drainage and prevents the soil from clogging the drainage holes.

Gently remove the Maidenhair Fern from its current container. If the roots are tightly bound, you can carefully loosen them by lightly teasing them apart with your fingers or a small tool. Be gentle to avoid damaging the delicate roots. Position the fern in the centre of the pot, ensuring that the top of the root ball sits about an inch below the rim of the pot. This allows space for watering without overflow.

Begin filling the pot around the root ball with the prepared potting mix. Gently press the soil down as you go to ensure it is evenly distributed and eliminate air pockets. Continue adding soil until it reaches the desired level, leaving a small gap between the soil surface and the rim of the pot.

After potting, give the fern a thorough watering. Water the plant until water starts to flow out of the drainage holes, indicating that the soil is adequately saturated. This helps settle the soil and ensures proper hydration for the plant.