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Keep your lawn looking lush and green during summer


Baileys Fertiliser


4 December 2019

Keeping your lawn looking lush and green through the hottest days of Summer can be a challenge. Here are some tips and products to help you through.

Feed and Protect

When looking for a lawn fertiliser over the summer months, it's important to look for an analysis with high Potassium (K). Potassium is an essential summer nutrient as it regulates water in lawns. Potassium promotes water translocation or the uptake of water from the roots into the lawn leaf blades while controlling water loss through the leaf blade stomata. This process and through the increase in potassium is how lawns can remain healthy through prolonged periods of high temperature.

Baileys have a number of commercial-grade products that will provide this protection while also providing essential macro, micro and trace nutrients.

Baileys Energy Turf is a great all-round lawn fertiliser with a high general analysis, essential trace and 30% organic base of Blood & Bone, Humates and added Zeolite. Energy Turf has been formulated as a homogeneous compound, meaning all the nutrients, Blood & Bone, Humates and Zeolite are embedded proportionately in each granule. This ensures uniform results while lasting longer than traditional NPK fertilisers. Combining the organic components into the granule allows the humates to increase Nitrogen uptake while providing a slow-release nutrient delivery from the Blood & Bone. The added zeolite acts like a sponge and holds onto the nutrients minimising leaching while amplifying the uptake of potassium. Energy Turf will also boost the colour of your lawn and create a dark green appearance from the Iron (0.9%), Magnesium (0.6%) and Manganese (0.8%) nutrients.

  • Analysis %w/v - 14N, 1P, 8K, 11S, 3Ca, 1Mg, 1Fe, 1Mn, 2Si
  • Turf response  - 3 days
  • Available in 20kg from Baileys Online, Better Pets and Gardens or through Bunnings special order desk.

Invigorate your Lawn

If your lawn needs some TLC after heavy wear during the festive season, or a boost leading into or out of a heatwave, try Baileys new TURFECT Invigorate. An analysis high in phosphorus, potassium and trace minerals and an array of bio-stimulants mean this 4-in-1 product provides a powerful blend of stress-fighting features to supports turf hardiness and recovery in summer.

Leading microbial technology is added to the formulation, along with humic acid and kelp to boosts native microbe populations, root growth, soil fertility and nutrient availability.

  •  Analysis %w/v - 10N, 2P, 8K, 0.3S, 0.1Mg, 0.02Fe, 0.03Mn, 0.005Cu, 0.005Zn, 0.007B, 0.002Mo
  • Turf response - 1 day
  • Available in 1L & 5L from Baileys Online

Rapid Green

If you're looking to be the envy of your neighbours, family & friends or take your lawn striping to the next level, then Baileys Turfect Rapid Green is your secret weapon. 

This foliar applied liquid fertiliser will provide exceptional deep green colour within 1 day of application. The high Iron analysis (6.4%) is the key nutrient providing dark green leaf blades. The added Manganese is important for nitrogen uptake, enzyme activation, and photosynthesis. As the formulation is in liquid form, it can be easily taken through the leaves. This provides a quick response while overcoming issues associated with high pH or alkaline soil.

  • Analysis %w/v - 6Fe, 3Mn, 5S
  • Turf Response - 1day
  • Available in 1L & 5L from Baileys Online