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New and improved Baileys Sure GreeN fertiliser range


Baileys Fertiliser


20 July 2023

Baileys is proud to announce the launch of its reformulated Sure GreeN fertiliser range.

This revolutionary range harnesses the power of multiple slow-release technologies to deliver unparalleled turf nutrition while offering significant cost savings for turf managers and professionals.

The reformulated Sure GreeN fertiliser range offers several benefits to turf managers and professionals:

Cost-Effectiveness: The new formulation maximises the efficiency of nutrient utilisation and new sustained release nitrogen.

Enhanced Efficacy: The utilisation of multiple slow-release technologies guarantees a continuous and controlled release of nutrients. This sustained nutrition promotes healthier, greener turf with improved root development and overall growth, ultimately leading to superior turf.

Environmental Sustainability: With its slow-release capabilities, the Sure GreeN fertiliser range minimises the risk of nutrient leaching and runoff.

The Baileys Sure GreeN fertiliser range is available in various formulations, catering to different turf nutritional requirements. Turf managers can rely on Baileys' expertise and industry-leading support to choose the most suitable product for their specific applications.

Sure GreeN range includes: 

High N  - High nitrogen fertiliser for promoting growth and break out of winter dormancy
 25N (25% SRN), 0P, 6K, 11S, 1.5Ca, 1.5Fe, 1Mg

Gold  - High nitrogen & iron slow release blend for active turf areas
20N (50% SRN), 1P, 4K, 15S, 2Ca, 3Fe

Active - Premium maintenance or renovation fertiliser
20N (75% SRN), 2P, 15K, 4S, 0.3Fe, 1Mg, 0.6Mn

High K - A high potassium, slow release blend for wear and heat stress
15N (40% SRN), 0P, 20K, 13S, 1.5Ca, 1Fe, 1Mg, 0.6Mn

All Seasons - Maintenance and renovation fertiliser
15N (25% SRN), 2P, 12K, 15S, 1.5Ca

For more information about the new Sure Green Fertiliser Range and Baileys Fertilisers, download the brochure or contact your local Baileys Sales Representative .

Ph: (08) 9439 1688  |  E: info@baileysfertliser.com.au     

Sure GreeN Range Brochure