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the cabbage tribe


Neville Passmore


20 July 2017

 Plant the cabbage tribe - the original superfood

 Rich in cancer fighting anti-oxidants every member of the family has compelling reasons to be grown and all love cooler conditions such as a Perth winter. Sow seeds or plant seedlings. Sprouts and micro-greens are other forms particularly rich in vitamins and minerals as well as anti-oxidants.

Whats available - cabbage , kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, the worlds newest vegetable kalette, cauliflower, rapa and branching broccoli. Then the parade of oriental types including Pak Choi, Kailaan, Chinese cabbage, red leaf mustard, Mizuna, Mibuna.

Sprinkle wood ash from the your wood heater over both cabbage plants and surrounding soil to deter slugs snails and cabbage moths. Another idea for keeping cabbage moths away is to cover your plants with exclusion netting so that the moth can't get to lay its eggs under the foliage.

Perfect for winter cooking, and easy to disguise in food for the kids. It's a old but firm favourite 

Leafy Green Cabbage In Vegetable Patch



Pak Choi Asian Cabbage


Little Blonde Girl Watering In Vegetable Patch