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The Man behind the Lawn


Baileys Fertiliser


25 October 2022

Baileys: Tell us a bit about yourself?

Phill: I'm a father of 3, grandad of 3. I work as warehouse manager for a local food distribution company where I've been for 14 years ..and I am a lawn addict

Baileys: How did you start getting into Lawn care?

Phill: Growing up with my grandparents who had a large double block I started mowing the lawn for them with a trusty victa 2 stroke. When Perth had major water bans the lawn pretty much died off so it was like mowing sand.  As a 16-year-old I started work at a local hardware store and learnt a bit about fertilisers and decided to construct my own retic system. I was aerating with a pitchfork and breaking up the ground. I ended up with the best lawn and garden in the street and would get complemented all the time so that's where the passion for green lawn started.

Over the years I've moved from rental to rental, and I'd use the same practices leaving each house with nice lawns. Once I moved into my current house, I learnt a few more techniques in getting a green lawn using better products, less water and going lower and lower. I started my own Instagram page to share my enjoyment and help others achieve what I have.  

Baileys:  Your account is incredible its been a real pleasure to partner with you and see our products in action.  Obviously, we've been in the turf industry for some time but we started to notice that Lawn addicts were wanting to purchase small amounts of our commercial products. So this lead us to develop Turfect, our first range of foliar fertilisers for retail. We love your videos which really help people see how you can have a professional finish on a regular lawn in the Perth suburbs.  

What do you like about the Turfect range?

Phill: I like that Baileys products are manufactured locally for WA conditions. It's easy to pick up from Bunnings, easy to use and very affordable for the average person to try.  I like that Turfect is designed to naturally help the soil therefore the overall health of the lawn.

Baileys: Will you share some of your tips with us Phill?


1. Soil Health is the key to a good lawn. If you feed and build up the soil you're on your way to a good lawn.

2. Never give up on getting results because if you put the work in you'll learn and get the results.

3. A good lawn doesn't have to use a lot of water. Too many people think a lawn needs a lot of water but if you use the right products and processes you can definitely use a lot less water.

 Baileys:  Thanks so much for your time Phill.  We're going to be running some family friendly Turf care workshops during Perth Garden Festival. 11am each day 27 - 30 October 2022.  Phills going to join us for the weekend sessions so if you're interested for meeting @phillip_gr_  the True Australian Lawn Addict from Instagram stop by the Baileys tent.