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Time to Commit to your Indoor Plant


Baileys Fertiliser


21 April 2022

'Do you take this plant as a lifelong commitment? Do you promise to love them tender, love them sweet and never let them go?'

We take our commitment to plants seriously, you should too! With the right care plants can last a lifetime.

Visit Perth Indoor Jungle Festival (27th + 28th May) to find the best plant partner for you. Holding their leaf tight, walk down the aisle at the Baileys Committed to Plants chapel and make the ultimate commitment.... Officiated by Elvis of course.

'People tend to go to bunnings see a plant and think ohhh they're nice. I might get some. You should actually be starting at home!  Choose an area you would like to have a plant and then go shopping for something specific those light conditions, weather conditions, amount of sunlight etc. because that's going to dictate what type of plant you should purchase.'

'All plants are different and need slightly different care. There are things that are universally difficult for people to look after and there are plants that are quite easy. So get some advice before you purchase plants, start out with the easier plant and work your way up. That's much easier rather than jumping straight into a really difficult plant to have a relationship with.'

fig fruit

Once you have found your #forever plant at the Perth Indoor Jungle Festival pop over to the Baileys Committed to Plants Alter. Elvis will be officiating walk up shotgun weddings during the festival so you can show your plant the commitment it truly deserves! Afterwards checkout the talks & demonstrations from indoor plant experts for tips on how to keep the love in full bloom.

For an Insta-perfect indoor plant oasis, it's important to repay the favour by supporting their well-being also - and that means a location with the right amount of sunlight, watering only when needed, and planting in a top-quality potting mix.

Baileys have developed their Indoor Premium Potting Mix specifically for this purpose. It holds more moisture, has great drainage, encourages healthy root growth and lush green foliage.

Ready to commit now? Book your commitment ceremony here.