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Top 5 fermented foods you can make at home


Neville Passmore


25 October 2017

Red Cabbage Sliced And Shredded

 Top 5 fermented foods you can make at home 

Kombucha (See a previous post for a recipe 11th October) is a fermented tea. 

Sauerkraut (this is simple and quick to produce start eating within week one) Ingredients consist of one cabbage and a tablespoon of salt.  Slice the cabbage finely and combine with salt in a bowl. Massage the mix together for about 10 minutes, by which time there is sufficient liquid from the cabbage to submerge the sliced cabbage when you pack into a sterilised jar. Place a weight on the top to prevent air getting to the cabbage and cover with cheesecloth to keep insects out. Store in a dark cupboard for a week. It's worth checking daily to mop up any liquid that might overflow. Taste daily to monitor the progress. Place jar now sealed with a lid in the fridge and start eating. 

Kimchi For those that like a bit of chilli heat this national dish of South Korea is a real superfood. Chinese cabbage is used traditionally. Because there is a list of ingredients and a slightly more complicated recipe I recommend going to your favourite search engine for ingredients and the recipe. Or you can follow this link https://www.epicurious.com/ 

Kefir cheese (forms overnight) Two ingredients Kefir grains which you can get from a health shop and milk. Go online for the recipe. Essentially you make a kefir milk and then strain off the whey to produce a creamy kefir cheese with the texture of cream cheese. This makes marvelous dips when combined with fresh cut herbs such as chives or basil.  

Coconut Yoghurt (its great on muesli for breakfast) Two ingredients: one 414ml can of full fat, organic coconut milk and two probiotic capsules which can be easily opened and emptied. Once again these capsules are available at most health stores. The method consists of three steps
1) Empty coconut milk into a clean glass jar or bowl
2) Top with probiotic powder from the capsules and stir
3) Cover with cheesecloth and wait. Once your yoghurt has activated at room temperature, this usually takes 1 to 2 days place in the fridge to cool and thicken and then enjoy.