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Winter Vegetables to Grow in WA


Baileys Fertiliser


16 June 2022

Gardening in winter doesn't have to be dull, there's a long list of cool-season crops to keep your veggie patch thriving all winter long! 

The key to successful planting is good soil preparation. Baileys Soil Improver Plus is a mature organic compost designed to build up soil structure and improve soil fertility. When added to existing garden soils it provides the essential organic carbon needed for microbial life and improve the soils capacity to retain water and nutrients.

Baileys Clay & Compost is the ideal soil preparation product for vegetable beds based on sandy soil. It contains Soil Solver Clay Plus (kaolin clay, silts and rock minerals) and mature compost to increase soil capacity to hold nutrients and water, and naturally, regenerate soil fertility. The premium ingredients create a loam like soil texture, that will grow a lush, healthy garden, and nutrient dense food.

Prepare the area by removing all weeds, rocks and debris. Amend the soil in your veggie patch with generous quantities of Baileys Clay & Compost (for sandy soils) or Soil Improver Plus. Work well into the top 100-150mm with a rotary hoe or garden fork.