Category: Liquid Fertilisers

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SIZE:   20lt, 200lt and 1000lt

A readily available source of calcium to strengthen plant cell walls and better overall health and appearance of both turf and horticultural applications. Calbor improves soil structure and the uptake and movement of other vital nutrients. The addition of boron aids in the translocation of sugars from the leaf to the root.


  • Immediate supply of available calcium to address plant deficiency.
  • Dispersion of sodium through the soil profile.
  • Improves soil structure on soil types commonly hardpan in nature.
  • Aids the uptake and movement of other nutrients around the plant and strengthens cell walls.
  • Encourages good respiration, ideal in periods of high heat and humidity. Improves the efficient use of sunlight, carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen and other minerals.
  • Improves crop yield and shelf life.

High calcium levels in soil analysis reports can often be misleading. Much of this is due to large, insoluble calcium deposits in coastal soils. Applying calcium in a program can be beneficial even when results stipulate otherwise.

The addition of nitrogen in Calbor also improves nitrogen response. Nitrogen is very important in all stages of fruit development and for various reasons in turf and horticulture.
Calcium deficiency causes reduced root growth and pale leaves which respond poorly to nitrogen and iron fertiliser applications. Crop quality and shelf life can also be effected. Blossom end rot is a common symptom of tomatoes which have a calcium deficiency.