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Category: Lawn Care

SKU: L4312


SIZE:   1lt, 20lt, 200lt and 1000lt

One of our most popular liquids for lawns, now in a handy 1lt size for residential. Designed to produce rich green turf colour through excess chlorophyll production.

  • Iron provides your lawn with a very deep green colour.
  • Manganese aids in the activation of enzymes, photosynthesis and protects from disease.
  • No nitrogen means no excessive leaf growth. 

Use what the professionals use. 

• Iron is vital for chlorophyll formation, as a catalyst in the chlorophyll synthesis process. Application provides a greening response, causing leaf blades to darken and consequently attract and hold in heat. This encourages turf to actively grow longer into winter periods.
• Iron also plays an important roll in the oxidation process. These reactions in the plant result in the release of energy from sugars and starches and the conversion of nitrate to ammonia. Application of high iron fertilisers into spring encourage the plant to function quicker, bringing it out of dormancy earlier.
• Manganese is important for nitrogen uptake, activation ofenzymes, and photosynthesis. It also promoted plant vigour and resistance to disease.
• Humic Acid acts as a natural chelator, improving nutrient uptake and fertiliser efficiency by up to 40%.
• Humic Acid also promotes root growth and soil biological activity. It has many benefits to soil structure, water and nutrient holding capacity and in general promotes better plant response in poor growing conditions.