20lt, 200lt and 1000lt


A liquid fertiliser formulated to encourage deep green colour and excess growth. GT Green is best suited to soils that are high in pH where iron and manganese is unusable for plant response but is also an excellent product for acidic soils where iron and manganese is more readily available. These elements are in sulphate form, which will aid sulphur deficient soils and assist the production of proteins within the plant. It will also help with the maintenance of soil pH
extremes as it actively reduces pH.


Iron is needed for chlorophyll formation, good colour and for resistance to disease. It is a catalyst in the chlorophyll synthesis process, therefore turf grass colour is influenced by the level of iron available to the plant. Iron applications provide a greening response to turf grass, causing the leaf blades to darken and consequently attract and hold in heat.

This encourages the turf to actively grow longer into winter periods. The other important factor with iron is the oxidation process. These reactions in the plant result in the release of energy from sugars and starches and the conversion of nitrate to ammonia. Application of high iron fertilisers into spring encourage the plant to function quicker, bringing it out of dormancy earlier. Manganese is needed for nitrogen uptake, activation of enzymes, and photosynthesis. It also plays a part in protecting the plant from disease and adds vigour.

This is a balanced fertiliser combination that will aid chlorophyll production. It is an excellent supplement for high pH, nutrient deficient soils on a wide range of soil types.


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