4 - 5kg


Baileys Cocopeat (coir pith) is grown, not mined. Cocopeat is the by product which arises during the extraction of coir fibre from the coconut husk. It is used as a growing medium and/or as a soil conditioner (potting soil mixture) in horticulture, floriculture, landscaping and domestic gardens.

Cocopeat is ideal as a growing medium / soil conditioner for all soil types. Because of its fibrous nature it will break up the heavies of clay soils, making it more friable and allowing free drainage. It is also ideal for use in light and sandy soils where, because of its sponge-like structure, it retains large quantities of water and oxygen and helps in preventing leaching of vital nutrients. 

Cocopeat has excellent water retention capacity. 


  • Totally organic and eco-friendly
  • High water holding capacity (>70% WHC) and moisture retention requires less frequent watering
  • Easily re-wets
  • Improved aeration and microbiological activity – contains natural enzymes, humus and plant nutrients
  • Improved fertiliser uptake / nutrient use efficiency – holds water and nutrients and provides them as required
  • Produces more fibrous and much stronger root growth
  • Reduces soil temperature
  • Resistant to bacterial, weed, fungal growth, and is truly pathogen free
  • No disposal costs (unlike for rockwool) as the product can be used as a soil conditioner after use


Block Dimension                        30 x 30 x 13/15 cm  (±10%)
Block Weight:                              4.5 to 5 kg   (±10%)
EC:                                                  ≤ 1 dS/m (1:1.5 v/v method, reconstituted)
pH:                                                 5.5 to 6.5
Break out Volume                       ≥60 litres 
Fibre Content                                ≤ 5 %
Water Holding Capacity              ≥70%
Supplied on pallets of 250 blocks weighing 1,200kg 


Organic soil conditioner 


For seed raising Cocopeat is the ideal medium for all seed raising applications. Unlike peat moss, Cocopeat has the ability to re-wet very easily. This makes it the perfect medium to use in plug and cell production for vegetable and flower seed raising, and for tubestock production of outdoor seedlings.Adding 50% by volume of Cocopeat to most seedling mixes will improve water holding, aeration, and nutrition. Add Gypsum at about 2 grams to every 100 litres of Cocopeat used. Do not lime as Cocopeat is not acidic. Feed the mix with liquid feed or slow release fertiliser.