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Meet Couch Tickler


Baileys Fertiliser


28 March 2023

At Baileys we meet a lot of passionate people. This week we caught up with Jake, a lawn addict, otherwise known as Couch Tickler on Instagram. 

Baileys: So, Jake, your lawn is very impressive. What is it about this stuff that you love so much?

Jake: It's just looks good in the backyard, obviously having, a couple of kids running around on it and, it's a nice little hobby to have as a dad.

Baileys: Do kids deserve a lawn this good?

Jake: Absolutely. Yep.

Baileys: So you had a kids pool blown up on your back lawn and it damaged the lawn at the end of summer, you posted a video about you renovating that lawn. It had 6 million hits. What is it about that video that you think made it so popular?

Jake: The process behind renovating the lawn. I've got a groomer slash verti mower. so I obviously use that to cut up, get rid of some of the thatch in the soil. then I scalpt the lawn back down to like, near dirt and then, put some Baileys Lawn Reviver over the top gave it a good water and kept up the water for the next couple of days and then it took care of itself after that.