Category: Lawn Care

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SIZE:   10kg

TURFECT® Energy is a breakthrough, biological lawn fertiliser, designed for establishment and maintenance of all lawn varieties. This complete, 3-in-1 fertiliser contains a fusion of fast and slow-release nutrients, soil improvers and bio-stimulants in the one, easy to apply mini granule.  

Turfect® Energy is an excellent pre-plant, lawn establishment and maintenance fertiliser.  It not only provides premium levels of all turf macro and micronutrients for a lush, green lawn, it also improves the soils microbiome and capacity to support healthy turf growth. 

Fushion Fertiliser 
Improves soil fertility while feeding both the soil biology and plant. Premium levels of nutrients produce deep green, thick leaf growth

Microbe Regenerator 
BiOWiSH® microbe technology enhances root mass, nutrient uptake and native microbe populations

Soil Improvers
Added humates and organic soil improvers reduce leaching and sustain nutrient release