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New! Baileys Indoor Premium Potting Mix


Baileys Fertiliser


8 May 2020

Indoor plants are a huge social media and design trend these days, but their good looks are just one of the many benefits they bring to our homes. In addition to improving our air quality by releasing oxygen and removing air-borne toxins, they can stimulate feelings of relaxation, inspiration and positivity - perfect for keeping us productive in the home office or studio. 
For an Insta-perfect indoor plant oasis, it's important to repay the favour by supporting their well-being also - and that means a location with the right amount of sunlight, watering only when needed, and planting in a top-quality potting mix.
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Both air-conditioning and heating contribute to drier air, which isn't great for plants. Baileys have been making potting mixes for over 50 years in WA, and have developed their new Indoor Premium Potting Mix specifically for this purpose. It holds more moisture, has great drainage, encourages healthy root growth and lush green foliage.

How does it do all this you ask? 

  • It contains coir and coir husk, which provide more water retention and greater aeration for good drainage.
  • It contains kelp (or seaweed) and humates to encourage root growth, reduce plant stress when re-potting and stimulate soil microbes.
  • It has Grosorb wetting agent, which ensures consistent wettability and even drainage. 
  • It has Baileys blend of top-quality controlled release and trace minerals, so feeding is taken care of for up to 9 months.  

Finding a position with the right amount of sunlight for indoor plants can be a bit of an art, so we always recommend choosing a plant for the position, not a position for the plant. Ask the nursery or refer to the plant label to guide your choice. 

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fig fruit

How to Use

  • Choose a clean pot of a similar size, or one size up from the existing. 
  • Check positioning, add some mix to get your level right, about 2-3cm below the rim.
  • Gently prise the plant from its pot by inverting and giving a sharp tap, or pushing down on the bot using a table. Lightly loosen any matted roots.
  • Hold the plant in place and when you're happy with its position, back fill around the plants' roots.
  • Gently bounce the pot a few times to even and settle.
  • Then give a good drink. No need to add seaweed solution, as the mix already contains this.
Baileys Indoor Premium Potting Mix is a lighter weight mix, making it easier to move your large indoor plants around.  

Under or over watering are the main causes of indoor plant fatalities. Just like you would ask a mate if they would like a drink, consult the plant first. Test the soil with your finger down to the second knuckle - if the soil is dry, water it, if it's wet, don't. If it's just moist, check it again in a couple of days. 

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