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New TURFECT® Lawn Fertilisers


Baileys Fertiliser


23 October 2020


Baileys are bringing their commercial expertise to the retail market, in the form of the TURFECT Range of biologically enhanced liquid and granular fertilisers. 

Designed to optimise soil health, root development, nutrient uptake and turf response in each season, the TURFECT Range covers all bases - from soil preparation and lawn establishment, through to maintenance & renovation, leading you step by step to the best lawn in the street.

Motivated by the growing movement of lawn addicts across Australia taking great pride in their green spaces, the TURFECT Range utilises leading biological technology and WA specific formulations to optimise turf vigour, colour, root development, nutrient uptake and soil health. 

Liquid fertiliser sprayed on the turf leaf (known as foliar feeding) is specifically effective for quick results or to correcting nutrient deficiencies. The nutrients in the TURFECT Range are immediately available to be absorbed through the leaf blade, making them quick-acting, with noticeable results within 6 hours.  Specifically relevant to WA, foliar application by-passes issues with alkaline soils which can reduce the availability of key turf nutrients responsible for colour - iron and manganese.

Between granular feeds, liquid fertilisers can be utilised to deepen and extend colour and take your lawn to the next level. Foliar feeding is also the most effective and environmentally friendly way to maintain your lawn over winter when the transfer of nutrients from soil to plant slows down.

14%N, 1%P, 8%K, 11%S, 3%Ca, 1%Mg, 1%Si, 1.5%Fe, 1%Mn, 0.05%Cu, 0.07%Zn, 0.02%B, 0.008%Mo + Biowish Microbe Technology

TURFECT Energy is a breakthrough, biological fertiliser, designed for establishment and maintenance of all turf varieties. This complete, 3-in-1 fertiliser contains a fusion of fast and slow-release nutrients, soil improvers and bio-stimulants, in the one, easy to apply, mini prill.  

  • Converts nitrogen into the plant-available form and bound phosphorous into available phosphorous.
  • Produce a number of enzymes that break down complex organic molecules.
  • Strengthen hyphal networks and help roots grow.
  • Improves plant vigour by increasing endophytic activity and promoting higher populations of beneficial bacteria in the soil.