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The Need To Mulch


Baileys Fertiliser


6 December 2018

With Christmas getting closer, now is a good time to enhance the appearance of your garden.

Applying Baileys Moisture Mulch does a lot more than make the garden look great, it also helps to cool soil as well as the garden, reduces evaporation, increases soil water retention, suppresses weed germination, allows rain infiltration and adds organic matter to existing garden areas. 'Bare soil is dead soil' is one of Mother Nature's guiding principles.  Our scorching summer sun can burn the vital soil carbon from uncovered topsoil, further reducing its fertility.  Mulch cools the soil which benefits plants and soil living organisms.

What makes Bailey's mulch different? 

It is composted over an 8 week cycle, screened to achieve a chunky texture, complies with the Australian Standard for Composted Soil Conditioners and Mulch, it's versatile, long lasting and dark brown in colour. Moisture Mulch contains no artificial colourings.  As it is made from selected waste materials, mainly pine bark and manure, it stops these materials being sent to landfill. 

Being an organic material, it will eventually be taken into the earth by soil borne organisms and converted to humus. This benefits soil living organisms, which are the real drivers of successful plant growth. This mulch also bears the stamp of Smart Approved and Waterwise Approved Product. Because it has a stable pH it can help extreme soil types to move toward a more neutral pH.  This is of benefit when used with acid as well as alkaline soils. I like the fact that it is formulated right here in WA to suit our unique soils and climate. 

What do the Australian Standard red ticks on the bag mean?

This shows the mix is formulated to conform to a highly detailed published standard. The mulch is batch tested to ensure freedom from pathogens, both human and plant types, weed seeds or even parts of plants that can set up any weed infestation, contamination from heavy metal concentrations, rubbish contamination as well as excessive salt which can have a serious effect on plant growth. The testing also makes sure the mulch contains optimal sized particle, not to fine to obstruct infiltration or too large to retain soil moisture. 

Mulches that comply must be wettable; this ensures that applying these materials won't make worse, any tendencies within your soil to repel moisture. In all, there are a minimum 13 tests that need to be passed in order for the mulch to qualify to wear the Australian Standard ticks on the bag.