Category: Growing Media & Mulch

SKU: F8422


SIZE:   25L bags, 1m³ bulka bags and bulk

Baileys Moisture Mulch, a dark brown, organic pine bark-based mulch, safeguards topsoil, minimizes water evaporation, and enhances soil fertility. Fully composted over 8 weeks, it's weed and disease-free, containing no artificial coloring. Enriched with manure, it improves soil structure and fertility, making it perfect for garden beds, pots, and planters.

Reduces Evaporation
Mulch reduces evaporation by creating a protective barrier over the soil, shielding it from direct sunlight and minimising moisture loss.

Suppresses Weeds 
It not only improves the uniformity and appearance of garden areas instantly but also suppresses weeds and regulates soil temperatures, reducing erosion.

Saves Water
This Waterwise and Smart Approved product helps conserve water by reducing evaporation, making it ideal for garden beds, pots, and planters.

Improves Fertility 
Composted with manure to minimize nitrogen draw down, it enhances soil fertility and structure as it naturally breaks down, promoting healthy plant growth.