• Apex GalXe Low P (21-1-6) 8-9 month

Category: Controlled Release Fertilisers

SKU: F1069A

Apex GalXe Low P (21-1-6) 8-9 month

SIZE:   22.68kg

Apex Gal-Xe Low P (8-9 month)is a professional nursery fertiliser with all the primary nutrients coated for optimum safety and performance.
It is specifically formulated for plants that are sensitive to high rates of phosphorus or are more efficient in phosphorus uptake. 

• All nutrients are released equally through a process of diffusion using Gal-Xe ONE, Simplot’s exclusive technology.
• Release of nutrients is predictable and reliable. The coating has been precisely applied to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each granule.
• Release of nutrients is not significantly affected by media type, moisture level, pH or microbial activity.

Apex Gal-Xe Low P can be used for most natives.