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Couch Turf Grass


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11 August 2023

Couch grass is a type of grass that is commonly grown in Perth. It is a warm-season grass that is drought-tolerant and can withstand a variety of soil conditions. Couch has a fine texture and a deep green colour, which gives it a manicured look. It is also relatively easy to care for, making it a popular choice for lawns.

Why choose Couch grass in Perth

Couch is a drought-tolerant grass, which means that it can withstand periods of dry weather without needing to be watered as often as other types of grass. This is a major advantage in Perth, which has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers.

Some varieties of are shade-tolerant, which means that they can still thrive in areas that receive partial or full shade. This makes couch a good choice for lawns that are located under trees or other shade-producing plants.

Couch is a durable grass that can withstand heavy foot traffic or for lawns that are used for recreational activities such as playing sports or having children play on them.

Couch is a relatively easy-to-care-for grass that does not require a lot of maintenance.