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Jeremy's lawn after using Baileys Fertiliser

“I’m stoked at how Bailey’s products took my lawn from less than average to something I am proud of in just a few months. 

The Turfect range has been a lifesaver for me. Invigorate has made my lawn so tough, no dead spots over summer for the first time ever! 

Green Plus gives me that constant green growth all year round. It has been great in the cooler months, my lawn is still nice and green while my neighbours’ lawns have gone dormant.

I always use Rapid Green a few days before friends or family come over and within hours my lawn has a real colour pop. My visitors will comment on the beautiful deep green colour and want to know my secret. And it greens up without surge growth, so no extra mowing required!

Humic acid is rapidly becoming a new trend for lawn enthusiasts. It’s really cool that the Turfect products all contain humic acid. It means my lawn is making the most of every bit of nutrients I throw down. “


Anon's lawn after using Baileys Fertiliser

My lawn has never looked better. Before and after photos are taken at 4 weeks apart after an application of Turfect Energy then Grosorb, its greener and healthier than it’s ever been!


Carey Johnston's lawn after using Baileys Fertiliser

"Our Lawn was looking patchy and like it was on the verge of dying. We’d already tried a lot of different wetting agents, top dress, and fertilisers to bring it back to life. A friend recommended that we try the new Baileys Turfect range along with Baileys Grosorb. The results blew us away…  We started with Baileys Grosorb, then followed with spaced applications of Baileys Turfect Invigorate, Baileys Turfect Energy and Baileys Kelp Plus.

We couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks Baileys!!"

Carey Johnston

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