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Top 5 Lawn To-Dos this Month in Perth


Baileys Fertiliser


18 April 2023

1.   Give it a good pre-winter feed

Autumn fertilising prepares your lawn for the winter months. It encourages prolonged growth, thick cover, extends colour and helps prevent weeds from taking hold as growth slows. This application is the most important for the year, so use a good quality granular fertiliser such as Baileys 3.1.1. Plus or try New Turfect Energy. 

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2.   Remove thatch build up

If your lawn is spongy under foot, it has a thatch build up, and now's the time to remove it . Thatch is a mass of dead stems, leaves and clippings accumulating above the soil surface. Thatch prevents water and fertiliser from evenly reaching the lawns root system, can lead to patchy growth and be the starting point for fungal disease. To remove, scalp with a lawnmower by slowly cutting down to the lowest setting over two or three passes. Be careful not to go too low on varieties such as soft leaf buffalo which rely on above ground runners to recover. You can also bring in a vertimower to do the job.