Category: Lawn Care

SKU: F3030


SIZE:   8kg & 10kg bag

Baileys 3.1.1. Plus Waterwise Lawn Food is a mini sized, fully granulated lawn fertiliser blended with Grosorb wetting agent. This balanced formula is specifically formulated for establishment of new lawns and lawn maintenance in hydrophobic (water repellent) soil conditions. The added benefit of Grosorb aids water infiltration and moisture retention, enhancing the efficiency of the lawn food, reducing watering requirements and producing a healthy drought tolerant lawn. It is ideal for warmer months and Australian conditions.

Mini Granule 
Mini size, fully granulated granule for easy and even distribution and quick uptake, even on finer turf surfaces.

Boosts Growth & Colour
A complete macro and micro nutrient fertiliser for excellent results on high profile turf surfaces such as entertaining areas.

Saves Water
Contains wetting agent Grosorb which is waterwise accredited. This ensures water is absorbed into the soil enabling nutrients to be channelled into the root zone. Producing a healthy, drought tolerant lawn.