10L bag, 30L bags, 1m³ bulka bags and bulk


Baileys Veg and Herb Mix is a premium growing media designed to produce abundant and healthy plant growth, flowers and fruit. This professional blend of quality organic ingredients plus added controlled  release fertiliser has a structure and range of nutrients chosen to nurture seedlings during establishment and ensure a lush harvest. 


  • It’s fully composted – It’s stable and won't strip nutrients from your plants to facilitate the breakdown of immature organic material. The composting process also ensures no weed seeds or plant pathogens can live in the soil.  
  • It contains GAL-Xe controlled release fertiliser  – Two types of controlled release fertilisers particularly suited to crop production have been added to this mix. GAL-Xe offers the latest in controlled release fertiliser technology. This nursery grade product ensures the perfect balance of nutrients and release longevity for optimal growth and    cropping.  
  • It contains an added wetting agent – Grosorb™ has been added to the mix to ensure good moisture penetration and even drainage.  
  • It has optimal air-filled porosity and soil particle size – Aged, finely sieved pine bark is incorporated into the mix to provide optimal structure and air space for plant establishment. Air is an essential  ingredient for plant's roots as they take up oxygen in order to grow. 


Pots & Containers: Use Baileys Veg and Herb straight from the bag. Select a clean pot or container of an appropriate size to your plant and partly fill with Baileys Veg and Herb  Mix, allowing enough room to add your new plants. Turn your plant out of its container by inverting and giving a sharp tap. Loosen the root ball carefully and gently remove any damaged or dried out roots. 

Position your plant as desired and introduce enough Baileys Veg and Herb Mix to fill around it. Lightly tap your container and level ensuring the mix is evenly settled but not compressed.

After potting or planting give your plants a good watering. From then on regular watering is required and this should be done early in the morning if possible to reduce evaporation. Do not overwater your container plants, a simple gauge as to the plant's need is to inspect and feel the soil and water only when the topsoil feels dry.

To maintain healthy plants, repot into a larger container of fresh mix at regular intervals. Plants that need potting on will have a healthy mass of densely matted roots making up the entire root ball.

Ideally use up Baileys Veg and Herb Mix all in one use and get fresh material for the next job. If re-using remember to seal your bag well in storage to avoid contamination. 

Raised Beds and Vegetable Patches:  Distribute approximately 10 to 15 cm of Baileys Veg and Herb Mix over your existing soil. Dig into the top 20 cm of soil and water well. Level off the soil with a garden rake and plant seeds and seedlings as desired. Water thoroughly.  


See brochure for application rates