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Gardening calendar July 2024

July is the best month to plant out deciduous fruit trees, vines and shrubs as the dormancy helps the transplanting process. The plant will be able to establish a strong root system before the heat of summer.  



Trees & Shrubs

  • This is the best month to plant out deciduous fruit trees and shrubs as the dormancy helps the transplanting process.

    Before you plant, you should enrich the soil with compost and manure, which will encourage strong and healthy growth. Baileys Soil Improver contains both and is perfect for preparation. If you have very sandy soils, use Baileys Clay & Compost, it also contains Kaoline Clay and Mineral Silts. Water the new tree thoroughly and spread a layer of composted organic mulch over the surface such as Baileys Moisture Mulch.



  • Early winter is the perfect time to plant natives in our Mediterranean climate because the cool, mild conditions and regular rains give the perfect chance to get a good start before the long, hot, dry summer arrives. If growing in pots, use a quality mix such as  Baileys Native Premium Potting Mix.
  • Many natives are winter flowering and will attract birds and insects to the garden while providing us with a beautiful outlook on those dull winter days, for more information on what to plant know read our blog: Add Colour to your Winter Garden in WA


Flowers & Ornamentals

  • Prepare planting soil and plant out roses. Enrich the soil with Baileys Soil Improver Plus which contains compost and manure that will encourage strong and healthy growth. If you have very sandy soils, use Baileys Clay & Compost.
  • July marks the earliest month to plant lilium bulbs particularly the Asiatic types.
  • Plant flower seedlings and seeds for your spring show.
  • Cymbidium orchids are really hitting their flowering straps now so it's the best time to start or add to a collection.
  • The first buds of the earlier daffodils will show their beautiful heads this month. Don't miss the show it promises to be outstanding.
  • Go for a walk around your suburb or town to see what's in flower now. Make a note so you can plant some winter colour in your garden. If you can't identify the plant either ask the owner or take the sample to your local garden centre.


Vegetables & Herbs

  • Now is the time to plant a winter vegetable garden using Baileys Veg & Herb Planting Mix. The choices are very wide; all of the seedlings in your local nursery are ready to plant now. If you are budget conscious, seeds are the most economical way to go; however you may need to get some tips from your nursery to ensure success.
  • Plant asparagus, potatoes, rhubarb; globe artichokes, water chestnuts and taro. Many of these can be obtained as tubers at the markets. 



  • Choose berry plants for winter colour such as nandina, cotoneaster, pyracantha, Rosa rugosa, cumquat, holly, cape lilac and duranta (also known as golden dew drop)
  • Deciduous fruit and nut trees and vines are now available at nurseries and weather conditions make this the ideal time to plant them in your garden. Try nectarine, peach, plum, cherries or almond trees.


Pot Plants

  • If the cold weather and rain is putting you off the great outdoors, stay inside and get your dose of plant power from some new indoor pots instead. There is an abundance of choice in stores nowdays. Use Baileys Indoor Premium Potting Mix for best results.


  • Most plants go into dormancy through winter however Citrus is still actively growing and will require feeding, little and often. Use Baileys Fruit & Citrus. 
  • Feed Camellias once flowering has finished as this coincides with their main growing season. Use Baileys Rose, Camellia & Azalea. 

Pruning, Maintenance & Harvest