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Add Colour to your Winter Garden in WA


Baileys Fertiliser


16 June 2021

Native plants are not only for dry hot conditions, they also create some stunning and colourful displays throughout winter. Many natives are winter flowering and will attract birds and insects to the garden while providing us with a beautiful outlook on those dull winter days. 


There are more than 350 species of Grevillea so you are bound to find one that will suit your garden. Grevilleas are very easy to grow and most will flower from Winter to Spring.

Most prefer a raised garden bed with dry conditions. Use a quality, specialty mix, such as Baileys Native Premium Potting Mix. Mulch with Baileys Moisture Mulch to suppress weeds and once established water just once a week.  

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Blue Dampier

Blue Dampier (Dampiera Stricta) is a low growing, butterfly attracting shrub with delicate blue to violet flowers. It works well in containers or with other plants. As with most natives it likes a well-draining soil, sun to part shade and will flower from Autumn to Spring.

Choose a sunny location - some shade is well tolerated but you will get better flowering with more sun. Cut back after flowing to promote new growth. 

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Heart-leaf Flame Pea

Heart-leaf Flame Pea (Chorizema Cordatum) is a colourful small shrub with bright orange and pink petals. This is an easy to grow ornamental suitable for garden beds, pots and containers. It likes part sun to full shade, well drained but moist soil.

Flowers are produced from winter through to summer. Lightly prune after flowering, removing older woody stems. 

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There are plenty of other winter flowering Australian Natives to choose from to keep your garden bright in the winter months - Hakeas, Banksia, Spotted Emu Bush, Long leaf Wax Flower, Bottlebrush, Lilly Pilly, Boronia & Bower Plant.

Most natives grow well in raised garden beds, pots or containers as they like ''dry feet'', use a free-draining speciality mix such as Baileys Native Premium Potting Mix.  Feed winter-flowering plants when buds appear and they are actively growing. New plants will require watering until established. Depending on species, prune after flowing.