20kg, bulka bags and bulk


Baileys Energy Maxx is a fully granulated, organic based start-up fertiliser incorporating a range of essential macro and micro nutrients, soil amendments and bio stimulants into the one homogenous product. The unique formula not only provides a complete range of plant nutrients but also enhances soil capacities and plants physiological processes to improve vigor, yields, quality and post-harvest shelf life.

Energy Maxx contains high phosphorus level, essential for energy production and early root and shoot development. It assists plant processes such as photosynthesis, respiration, energy storage and transfer, cell division and enlargement.

High potassium levels strengthens plant cells, improving plant tolerance to environmental stresses such as frost and plays an important role in the control of plant water status and ionic concentrations inside plant tissues, including stomata.

  • Contains high levels of P, K and Ca vital for plant health and energy production;
  • Stimulates early root and shoot development;
  • Increases protein production within the plant;
  • Improves water efficiency;
  • Improves stand persistence, longevity and hardiness;
  • Hastens maturity;
  • Improving resistance to pests, diseases and temperature extremes;
  • Improves fruit formation, seed and fruit quality.

A large internal surface area and porosity enables added Zeolite to hold and release nutrients in the root zone where it is available for plant uptake. Zeolite reduces leaching, improves cation exchange, aeration and soil structure.

Added Humates improves the fertility of the soil, increasing the conversion of plant available nutrients and stimulating beneficial microbial activity and root growth.


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