Turf Management

Precision products and services tailored to local conditions.

No one knows turf better than Baileys.

From local council passive and active parks and reserves, schools, golf and bowling clubs to iconic sporting venues, Baileys specialise in quality products for professional turf management.

Baileys locally manufacture and market a wide variety of turf products including blended, fully granulated compound and liquid NPK fertilisers, mini prills for greens and finer turf surfaces, wetting agents, organics and distribute the Simplot range of BEST? controlled release fertilisers.  

Compounds v Blends 
What is the difference? 

Watch our video to learn the difference between compound and blended fertilisers. 

Compound - Uniform granules spread evenly, each granule contains the correct nutrient amount for the plant

Blend - Different size and weight particles do not disperse evenly, resulting in uneven nutrient deficiency for the plant.

Proudly supplying and supporting the Australian turf industry. 

  • Australia Fertiliser Services Accociation
  • Sports Turf Association WA
  • Niasa Accredited Growing Media Supplier
  • AILA 50 Years

Supply & Apply Services 

Baileys provide a professional spreading service for the broadcast application of fertilisers, wetting agents and soil amendments to turfed areas, large or small. Vehicles and operators are Fertcare Accu-Spread accredited for precise application and reliable results.

Baileys also provide a professional and precise foliar spraying service for the application of liquid fertilisers, bio-stimulants and wetting agents to turfed areas, large or small. Our spraying services include broadacre application to sporting fields, active and passive reserves and public open spaces, with the latest in sprayer technology and a focus on safety and accuracy.

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