Laboratory Services

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Professional Laboratory Testing

Baileys Quality Products 

Baileys manufacture and supply a variety of quality endorsed and environmentally conscious turf and horticultural products for both residential and commercial markets in Australia. These quality endorsed products are monitored closely by our lab to ensure the high standard you expect from Baileys. 

Our professional Laboratory team are responsible for the effective implementation and management of the Australian Standards AS/NS ISO9001, AS 3473 AND AS 4454 which Baileys are accredited. 

Seedlings In Test Tubes

Laboratory Services

Baileys have an onsite laboratory, providing a professional testing service to our horticultural staff and ensuring our quality products maintain the highest standard.  

Baileys Laboratory enables our staff to make educated fertiliser recommendations or prescribe an entire soil nutrient program to customers. The lab can measure levels of plant available nutrients and identify reasons which may hinder plant performance.

Baileys laboratory offer a range of testing services. Baileys horticultural sales staff can collect soil, plant or water samples from your property or site.

Soil Testing.

Baileys laboratory can test for soil pH, conductivity, phosphorus retention and organic matter content to obtain an overview of soil properties. All major nutrients are tested including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N, P, K), sodium which may indicate salinity, calcium and magnesium which determine soil structure as well as trace elements.

This information allows our horticulturalists to recommend fertiliser programs designed to the customers individual soil needs.

Plant Tissue Test.

Plant tissue analysis identifies nutrient deficiency or excess, which will impact plant growth and crop output.

Plant tissue testing is recommended to provide further information to soil testing.

Water Sample Testing.

To ensure you are not restricting growth in your crops, turf or garden with unsuitable water, water testing is recommended. Water from bores, lakes or dams may vary in quality throughout the year.

Salinity and nutrient contamination may be identified at an early stage, and regular water testing can assist in maintaining good horticultural practices. 

Plant Pathogen/ Potting Mix/ Compost & Fertiliser Testing.

The laboratory can also test plant and soil samples for fungal pathogens, such as Phythium and Phytophthora. Baileys laboratory can test mulches and soil conditioners to Australian Standards AS4454, potting mixes to AS3743 and landcaping soils to AS4419.

How and when to sample.

Baileys Horticultural sales staff can collect samples from your property or you can use a clean garden trowel to send approximately 1kg of topsoil in a clear plastic bag. Ensure samples are well labelled if you are taking more than one. 

All tests come with written reports and recommendations. The turn around time from sample collection to report is 10 - 15 working days. 

Research & Development.

Baileys have a Research & Development team, who work with our sales team to create, test and produce quality products that work in WA conditions and soils. All new products are tested in our lab before we put them on the market for purchase. We strive to create quality & environmentally conscious products that improve the soil.

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