Nursery & Amenity Horticulture

For quality you can see in every plant you grow. 

For quality you can see in every plant you grow.

Baileys design and manufacture a range of premium growing media to assist plant establishment and ensure vigorous and healthy plant growth. High quality pinebark and hardwood organic inputs are fully composted to Australian Standards 3743 at their facilities in Kwinana, Western Australia and provide the essential foundation for successful plant production. Native, seed raising (Seeda), all purpose and custom blends are available in bulk, for orders ranging from 1 to 100 cubic metres.  

Their professional blends have been perfected over many years of horticultural experience and extensive trialling to deliver the optimal growing environment for a wide variety of plants. For this reason, Baileys premium growing mixes are the preferred choice of many nurserymen and commercial growers across Western Australia.

POLYON Fertiliser Beads

Powered by POLYON

Baileys Premium growing media mixes are powered by POLYON controlled release fertilisers. Recognised by its trademarked green colour, POLYON is backed by years of research, and for decades has been the market leader in the amenity and ornamental markets. The key to its performance is the reactive layers coating technology which meters out nutrients via diffusion, regulated by soil temperature and coating thickness.  
Find out how POLYON technology works here.

Proudly supplying and supporting the Australian Nursery industry. 

  • Fertcare
  • Niasa Ecohort Certified
  • Niasa Accredited Growing Media Supplier
  • Quality ISO 9001

Tailored to your needs 

Baileys team of experienced horticulturalists and laboratory staff can engineer a growing media blend to suit your specific crop and requirements. Taking into consideration your individual needs, methods and environmental conditions to optimise the reliability and performance of your plants.