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Accu-Spread accredited for precise application and reliable results
Baileys Commercial Turf Care

Spreading Services

Baileys provide a professional spreading service for the broadcast application of fertilisers, wetting agents and soil amendments to turfed areas, large or small. Vehicles and operators are Fertcare Accu-Spread accredited for precise application and reliable results.

Baileys have had Fertcare Accu-Spread Certification since 2000, verifying their ability to supply and accurately spread fertilisers and soil ameliorants in accordance with the Australian Fertiliser Services Association standards for industry best practise. Accreditation is renewed every three years.

Baileys offer and end to end service which is cost and time effective. Fertiliser selection can be recommended based on laboratory testing of soil and plant tissue analysis, and customer blends designed for specific requirements.

Broadcast Applied Products

  • Granulated Turf Fertilisers such as Baileys Brilliance, 3.1.1., NPK Blue, Tristar, and Energy Turf.
  • Slow Release Fertilisers such as Baileys Sure Green Range.
  • Soil Amendments such as Lime and Gypsum.
  • Wetting Agents such as Baileys Grosorb Granulated.
  • Pasture and Straight Fertilisers such as Sulphate of Ammonia.

Vehicle Features:

  • Fertcare Accu-Spread accredited equipment and trained operators. Paths and walkways are blown down after application to ensure no fertiliser staining.
  • Complete service - supply and apply of fertiliser is cost and time effective and custom fertiliser blends can be supplied based on laboratory testing of soil, plant or water samples.
  • Flotation tyres and professional equipment with a spread width of up to 22 metres.
  • GPS enables accurate spread and area measurement.
  • Variable spinners enable side shooting from both sides of spreaders and hand spreading is available for smaller areas not accessible by trucks. 
Commercial Turf Care by Baileys Fertiliser
Spraying Turf with Baileys Commercial Turf Care Services

Spraying Services

Baileys provide a professional and precise foliar spraying service for the application of liquid fertilisers, bio-stimulants and wetting agents to turfed areas, large or small.

Our spraying services include broadacre application to sporting fields, active and passive reserves and public open spaces, with the latest in sprayer technology and a focus on safety and accuracy.

Foliar Applied Products

  • Grosorb Liquids Wetting Agent.
  • GT Green Range of Liquid Fertilisers.
  • Soluble fertilisers such as Sulphate of Ammonia, Iron Sulphate and Manganese Sulphate at specific rates.
  • Bio-stimulants such as Kelp, Humic & Fulvic Acid and Biowish Biological Technology.

Advantages of Foliar Fertiliser

Foliar feeding is particularly effective on certain soil types or when quick correction of deficiency and results are required. The nutrients in liquid fertilisers are almost immediately available to be absorbed through the leaf and root, producing rapid greening and turf response.

Liquid application is particularly useful for by-passing issues with alkaline soils common in Western Australia - which reduce the availability of key turf nutrients iron and manganese. Foliar feeding is also more effective in cooler months when the transfer of nutrients from soil to plant slows down and turf is in a slower growth state.

Toro Multi Pro Units

Baileys use Toro Multi Pro 5800 units - advanced sprayer technology engineered to deliver unsurpassed spray accuracy and precision. Aggressive agitation and faster response time consistently deliver desired spray rates in even the most demanding environments.

Toro Multi Pro Feature:

  • GPS tracking and guidance.
  • Drift Reduction Boom Shroud.
  • Foam Markers ensure accurate parallel path tracking.
  • Large, low PSI tyres designed for turf surfaces.
  • XP system automatically calibrates flow to maintain even and accurate spray application rate.
  • Sonar sensors automatically maintain proper spray height over undulating turf.
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What is Accu-spread

Accu-Spread is a programme that involves the independent testing and accreditation of fertiliser spreading equipment for accuracy and evenness of spreading. It contributes significantly to quality assurance, productivity improvement, environment sustainability and management of risk.

When a machine is Accu-Spread accredited, the operator will know the capacity of the machine to apply a number of nominated products to an industry standard of accuracy.

The image to the left is of Baileys most recent Accu-spread testing, in late 2018.  

Find out more about AFSA and Accu-Spread