• EKOTE ORNAMENTALS PLUS (17-6-10) 3-4 month


SKU: F1220

EKOTE ORNAMENTALS PLUS (17-6-10) 3-4 month

SIZE:   25kg bags

Ekote Ornamentals Plus is a 100% coated controlled release fertiliser with a 3-4 month release and a full suite of essential trace elements. It has been specifically designed to provide the nutrient requirements of container nursery and pot plants. Ekote's reliable polymer coating is safe to roots, makes it suitable for dibbling and ensures uninterrupted nutrient release throughout the entire growing period. The added magnesium promotes photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll formation. The added trace elements are integrated in the NPK and contribute to optimum root development, uniform plant growth and stimulate the plants natural resistance to stress factors. 

  • Made in Holland. Patented, state of the art production. 
  • 100% polymer coated inclduing all trace elements. 
  • No chloride formulation.