• EKOTE SPORT & GREEN MINI HI N (27-2-9) 2-3 month


SKU: F1223

EKOTE SPORT & GREEN MINI HI N (27-2-9) 2-3 month

SIZE:   25kg bags

Ekote sport & Green Mini Hi N is a specialised, controlled release fertiliser high in nitrogen. The nitrogen is released in a controlled manner over a period of 2-3 months reducing leaching risk and improving nutrient use efficiency. The high nitrogen formulation encourages strong and rapid plant growth out of dormant periods and after renovations by promoting photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll production. Added organic humic acid boosts soil life and stimulates growth and development of the root zone. 

  • High nitrogen for rapid growth out of dormant periods.
  • Made in Holland. Patented, state of the art production.
  • Mini size 1.8mm granule perfect for low cut tees, greens, tennis courts and high profile areas.
  • Added humic acid boosts nutrient uptake, root growth and soil life.