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  • WS NPK 13-3-20 + 1Mg + 5Ca + TE

Category: Soluble Fertilisers

SKU: F1302

WS NPK 13-3-20 + 1Mg + 5Ca + TE

SIZE:   25kg

WS NPK 13 - 3 - 20 + 1Mg + 5Ca + TE is recommended when high rates of Potassium (K) are required by the crop during critical growth stages.

Turf farms and major sporting complexes can use WS NPK 13 - 3 - 20 + 1Mg + 5Ca + TE as it efficiently directs nutrients into the leaf for rapid plant uptake.

These water soluble NPKs are rich in nutrient content and based upon the highest quality raw materials: highly soluble, dust-free and with a low sensitivity for caking.

Product characteristics

  • WS NPK with calcium, developed for 1-tank mix solution
  • With integrated acids to avoid precipitation of Calcium Phosphates
  • A highly efficient source of Potassium (K)
  • To be used during critical growth stages
  • Highly soluble, pure, free of dust and with limited sensitivity for caking
  • Low on sodium and chloride
  • Trace elements are fully chelated
  • Specially designed for foliar feeding
  • Specially designed for fertigation
  • Compatible with most water-soluble fertilisers, except fertilisers containing Calcium

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