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Neville Passmore

Neville Passmore

Neville’s work in plant production, gardening retailing, the garden media, with the public and contributing to student education is extensive and covers significant scope during 40 years of working in the gardening industry. Neville’s expertise in the field of gardening is well recognised and acknowledged by leading government departments. Neville has personally provided extensive advice and support to many members of the industry and is regarded by most as a friend.  He works tirelessly in his media business and is more passionate today than at any stage of his career.

Chris Ferriera

Chris Ferriera

Chris has been involved with the industry for over 20 years. An expert in creating sustainable, waterwise gardens he has been the driving force behind The Forever Project, and turning his Hamilton Hill home into a sustainable showcase. Chris has regular workshops at his house, to encourage all who come along to grow their own vegies and get involved in their own garden at home. 

Chris is one of the most passionate gardeners in WA.