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Christmas Gift Ideas


Baileys Fertiliser


28 November 2017

Stuck for gift ideas? Indoor plants, herb arrangements and potted succulent bowls make beautiful, homemade gifts. Start planting now so they look stunning by Christmas!  

Succulent Bowls

Succulent bowls or terrariums are super-easy to put together, bowls are by definition wide, low profile pots that are small enough to be used as a tabletop garden, this makes them excellent choices for gifts.

You will need a good quality free-draining potting mix. Use a 50:50 combination of Baileys Premium Potting Mix and washed river sand. These plants come from desert style environments so they are built tough. Succulents are surging in popularity as they are virtually maintenance-free, they have low-water needs and look good all year round. They are also perfectly suited to Perth's Mediterranean climate.

You can also buy a bonsai that's been shaped and pot it into a bowl. Just one hint Bonsai plants need to be watered often so they do best in a very coarse open mix such as suggested above for Cacti and succulents.  

Herb & Salad Bowls

An edible garden gift, these will look great on the window sill with a variety of herbs for your next gourmet meal!

A bowl of herbs makes great sense as you can combine a number of different varieties.  For example, you can put together an Italian collection, pizza selection or an Indian inspired collection.  There is a wide range of herbs available: dill, chives, parsley, basil, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, tarragon, thyme, curry leaf and lemongrass.

Another very practical idea - a lettuce bowl. Just get a colourful selection of lettuce seedlings, aim for the advanced ones and the recipient could be harvesting salad greens for Christmas lunch.

Pot using Baileys Veg & Herb Premium Planting mix, a quality growing media designed to produce abundant and healthy plant growth.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a huge social media and design trend these days, but their good looks are just one of the many benefits they bring to our homes. In addition to improving our air quality by releasing oxygen and removing air-borne toxins, they can stimulate feelings of relaxation, inspiration and positivity - perfect for keeping us productive in the home office or studio.

You don't have to spend big, read our blog on How to Propagate Indoor Plants. 

Baileys Indoor Premium Potting Mix is a quality growing media, specifically designed to reduce the stress of transplant, assist establishment and ensure vigorous and healthy growth for indoor plants.