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Get your garden ready for Christmas


Baileys Fertiliser


12 November 2020

Summer is nearly here, and the fast-approaching festivities mean BBQs, family gatherings and lots of outdoor entertaining to soak up our beautiful WA weather. 

But is your garden ready for all the action? If not, relax, here's 3 tips that will make your garden look great, fast!

1. Green up your lawn with Baileys Brilliance 

A lawn is the backdrop to all great Aussie gardens. It's the place families congregate for the Christmas backyard cricket match. If your lawn is patchy or dull give it a boost now with a high nitrogen fertiliser such as Baileys Brilliance at a rate of 25 grams per square meter. Mow at least every second week, keep it regularly watered and feed again in 4 weeks.  

Want to take your lawn to the next level? 

Between granular feeds, liquid fertiliser can be utilised to deepen and extend colour and give your lawn professional results. Try Baileys new TURFECT Rapid Green  formulated specifically to produce deep green colour quickly, without growth? see results within 6 hours! Apply 5ml per square metre diluted in 50ml of water. For more information on foliar feeding and the new TURFECT Range read our Blog here.  


A common problem of Perth's sandy soils is water repellency which will show in during late spring and summer as dry or dead patches.  Baileys Grosorb is a Waterwise approved product designed to correct hydrophobic soil by allowing water to rapidly soak through the soil.  Make the most of your watering days by applying Baileys Grosorb at a rate of 60g/m2  

2. Give garden beds a makeover

Mulch covers up a multitude of sins and has a huge impact on the look of garden beds. Spruce tired soils up with a quality, pine bark based landscaping mulch such as Baileys Moisture Mulch and plants will pop against this dark background.  Aim to apply to a thickness of 50mm and remember you can mulch pots too!

Bailey Moisture Mulch is a Waterwise approved product that is proven to reduce watering requirements. Exposing topsoil to the sun causes significant moisture loss through evaporation. This crucial thin layer of soil must be protected, maintained and nourished. A layer of Moisture Mulch will reduce weeds,  improve soil structure as it naturally breaks down and assist your garden through stressful summer months. 

3. Add some potted colour 
A quick and easy way to brighten up a dull garden is to add some potted colour, and now's the perfect time  with plenty of summer flowering annuals to choose from. Petunias, marigolds, geranium, zinnia, vincas, sunflowers, snapdragon, cosmos, gerbera, daisies are a great-choices for sunny spots. Try impatiens or begonias in the shade.

Pot in Baileys Premium Potting Mix. This is the same blend is used by many professional nurseries in WA.  It's Waterwise approved, feeds plants for 9 months, contains all trace minerals and Grosorb wetting agent. Perfect for keeping your plants healthy through summer.


Adding colour to the garden? Enrich garden beds with Baileys Soil Improver Plus and plant flowers by the tray full for instant wow factor. Cut back annuals or perennials that have finished flowering and tidy up scruffy or damaged branches and out of shape hedges. Removing spent flowers not only makes plants look neater, it'll keep them compact and encourages more flowers next year.

Buy Now

Pick up Baileys Brilliance, Moisture Mulch and Premium Potting Mix from Bunnings, Leading garden retailers or order online and have delivered to your door. 

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