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Growing onions


Baileys Fertiliser


12 July 2017

Now is the ideal time to plant out the onion tribe and yes there are plenty of them.

Included are red and brown regular onions, red or white salad onions, spring onions, chives round leaf and garlic types, garlic (there's a range of different forms here too), leeks as well as obscure types such as walking onions and Welsh onions.

What's needed is a sunny open location and free draining soil, which is easy for most of us living on sand.
Sow seed in punnets or trays into a seed raising mixture.
Alternatively plant seedlings direct into your garden bed of prepared soil.  
Garlic cloves and shallot sets are planted direct.  

Avoid fertiliser rich soil - rather add Soil Improver Plus. Onions, leeks and garlic take up to 6 months to mature.  Spring onions take about 6 weeds before harvest where chives can be continuously cut over a number of years.
Brown Onions Piled Up


Piles Of Spring Onion Bunches


Pile Of Harvested Leeks


Four Garlic Bulbs With Loose Cloves