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How to Repot an Indoor Plant


Baileys Fertiliser


25 May 2022

Got your new plant home and need some tips on potting?  Learn the basics of indoor plant care on this video or follow our step by step guide below..  

  1. Choose a clean pot of a similar size, or one size up from the existing. 
  2. Check positioning, add some mix to get your level right, about 2-3cm below the rim.
  3. Gently prise the plant from its pot by inverting and giving a sharp tap, or pushing down on the bot using a table. Lightly loosen any matted roots.
  4. Hold the plant in place and when you're happy with its position, back fill around the plants' roots.
  5. Gently bounce the pot a few times to even and settle.
  6. Then give a good drink. No need to add seaweed solution, as Baileys Indoor Premium Potting Mix already contains this.

Watch our video