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Indoor Plant Trends 2021


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19 February 2021

For many of us over the past 12 months, our homes became the workplace, playground and sanctuary rolled into one. The amount of time we spent indoors made us value our great outdoors even more, and recognise the importance greenery and nature has on our wellbeing.

The desire to bring the outdoors in has never been stronger, so we've put together a list of our top 5 indoor plants for a little 2021 plantspiration. Expect to see these guys popping up in homes more and more this year. 

Mistletoe Cactus 'Rhipsalis baccifera'

 The long, trailing stems of Rhipsalis make this tropical cactus perfect for hanging pots or cascading over desktops. Unusually, Rhipsalis aren't native to hot and dry desert regions and prefer warm, humid environments with filtered light. Mimic their native habitat for best results. Grow in rich, well-draining indoor premium potting mix, and create a humid environment by placing on a saucer filled with rocks. Water when the soil surface starts to dry. If any stems are damaged, trim and use as cuttings to start new plants.

Narrow leaf fig 'Ficus longifolia'

 This ornamental evergreen Ficus is the perfect indoor feature plant, growing 3m in height in pots if allowed. It's tall, weeping habit and narrow leathery leaves make it an elegant indoor tree in any home. Position in a bright, airy spot and water only when soil is dry to touch. Repot annually to encourage to the desired size, into a quality potting media with good levels of nitrogen and nutrient release longevity. Baileys Indoor Premium Potting Mix is ideal, as it contains controlled release fertilisers ranging from 3-12 months release. 

(image credit: homes to love)

Begonia 'Angel Wings'

 Stunning silver spotted leaves and drooping pendants of scarlet pink flowers make Angel Wing Begonias one of the most popular and beautiful types of begonia to grow. They make great potted plant and thrive in indoor conditions when their preferences are met. Provide with bright indirect light, avoiding direct sun and water thoroughly once the top inch of soil feels dry. Position away from cold drafts in a warm position. Pot into a fast-draining growing media with good air-filled porosity. Take cuttings from new growth in spring to propagate.

(image credit: @thebegoniabrigade)