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Lawn renovations


Neville Passmore


12 July 2017

  • Fertilise your lawn lightly now to give it a green shot for the cooler season.  Baileys Energy Turf has humates to balance the nitrogen making it an environmentally soft option 

  • Top dress a patchy lawn not with yellow sand as in yesteryear but instead use Lawn Reviver to build up soil health to better support your grass.

  • Aim to mow every week till mid May to keep new seasons weeds under control and unable to set seed.

  • Taper watering right off as cooler conditions makes rain work longer.

  • If your lawn is spongy as a result of thatch build up then now is the time to act. Hire a dethatching machine or a contractor to get rid of this layer before winter.

Green Grass Lawn With Sprinklers


Ready To Use Grass Rolled Up

Golden Retriever Lying On Grass Holding Tennis Ball