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Making the most of winter rains


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3 August 2017

At last the rains have come... albeit a bit late and pretty erratically, but still they come. This is my favourite time of the year as I get to plant my wonderful natives in the garden, winter veggies and some of the beautiful everlastings. What ever I am growing and no matter where I think they should go I think it is vital we follow some key steps so that our plants are strong and vigorous especially if they are going to have to deal with the summer months which will come around all too quickly.

Healthy soil STILL equals healthy plants, it is the simple and most profound part of getting a great garden. As a tip dig the hole 4-5 times the size of the pot of your chosen plant and back fill with a lovely mix of wonderful Soil Improver, some clay and some Grosorb. This mixture will encourage your roots to go out and explore their new home.

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Remember weeds love winter too!  Now is the time, when your weeds are still pretty small to get out and beat them back so that they don't take over your preferred plants. When it comes to weed control remember the golden rule: hit them when they are young and or actively growing. That way any treatment - chemical or otherwise - has a much better chance of being effective and causes less pollution.

Go for quality, when it comes to your garden don't scrimp. Try and get the best possible plants that you can. Go to good accredited and waterwise certified nurseries to ensure you get high quality plants with good strong and healthy root systems. Remember the roots are the most important part determining your plants health and yet they are the part you probably will never really see!

Throw in some follow up and ongoing winter rains and you will be well on the way to having a truly great garden for the months and years ahead.For more details, progress and tour dates on the Great Sustainable Home Challenge you can follow Chris and his family on www.theforeverproject.com.au and watch episodes of GGTV.