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Meet the Indoor Plant Queen


Baileys Fertiliser


25 October 2022

Baileys:  Tell us a bit about yourself?

Alannah: My name is Alannah, & I'm the owner of Coastal Eden - an online indoor plant store with everything you need to keep your plants happy, healthy & thriving.  I also create beautiful water propagation vessels, Kokedama & host a range of Botanical Workshops throughout WA.

Baileys: How did you get started with indoor plants?

Alannah: Gardening has been in my blood since I was a child.  My mother has a truly green thumb & is so passionate about gardening.  I've always loved indoor plants, & this love (or obsession, depending on who you ask!) was really ignited about 8 years ago, when my first daughter was born. 

Being surrounded by indoor plants & our own little jungle was such a joy for my family & created a wonderful, calming environment for us.  Now, my daughters are almost as plant obsessed as I am!

My passion has grown & evolved into sharing my knowledge with others, to help people create, grow, & confidently care for their own indoor plants & gardens.        

Baileys: When we started chatting about collaborating you hadn't tried our Indoor Potting Mix, only our Premium Potting Mix.  

What did you think when you tested it out?

Alannah: The Premium Indoor Potting Mix is fantastic! 

The blend of ingredients is the perfect blend for indoor plants - great drainage, the right combination of moisture retention & aeration, beneficial microbes & nutrients, all in a beautifully light & airy mix. Everything your plants need to thrive.

Baileys: We noticed the trend in indoor plants a few years ago so made a slightly different mix specifically for indoor plants to optimise their growth.  Happy you like it! 

You're the pro on teaching people to garden through your store Coastal Eden. Will you share your top tips with us?


1.  Healthy soil creates healthy plants ? starting with a premium potting mix which is specific to your plants is key. 

2.  Always use pots with drainage holes! Its absolutely essential for the ongoing health of your plants.  If you have a pretty pot without drainage holes at the bottom, use it as a cache/cover pot for the nursery grow pot.  Or, get handy & drill a drainage hole yourself!

3. Don't overwater!  

Try to avoid watering to a set schedule & instead get into the habit of checking your soil moisture first, before picking up that watering can. When the soil has dried, water deeply then leave your plants alone.

4.  Have fun! No-one is born with a green thumb; it's a skill learnt through trial & error.  So relax, accept that you're probably going to make mistakes as you go along & enjoy creating your own indoor jungle.

Baileys: Thanks for your time, love catching up and seeing the attitude you give indoor plants in your reels.

To learn more about indoor plant care follow @coastaledenperth on Instagram or join Baileys for an indoor plant workshop at 2pm each day during the Perth Garden Festival 27 - 30 October 2022. Register online now.


Photo credits: Lloyd James @lloydjamesmedia and @coastaledenperth on Instagram.